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Brahmastra Movie Telegram Link. It is a great film. This movie has a lot of well-known actors. The trailer for this movie is on YouTube. We’re going to talk about downloading this movie today. Here’s where you can find the link to download the Brahmastra movie on Telegram. Telegram is app like Whatsapp. Here, you can share files and join channels.

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Let’s talk about Brahmastra Movie Download Telegram Channel Link. We will start with the movie’s plot.

Brahmastra Movie Plot:

Brahmastra Movie Telegram Link
Brahmastra Movie Telegram Link

Shiva, a DJ who discovers his peculiar affinity for the element of fire, is also supposed to possess the ability to awaken the Brahmastra, a legendary weapon thought to be capable of annihilating the cosmos, all of creation, and all living things. In contrast, Junoon, the ruler of evil forces, is likewise attempting to obtain the Brahmastra.

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Dual Audio


There are 720p, 480p, and 1080p versions of Brahmastra Telegram Download on Telegram. Here is the Brahmastra Telegram Channel, where you can find full Movie.

Subtitles – Hindi Dubbed

Captions – Closed

SDH – Available

How to Download Brahmastra Movie From Telegram?

On Telegram, it is easy to find Brahmastra hindi movie download. You can find Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, and Sci-Fi, among other things, on Telegram. There are different movie channels here.

  • Open Telegram app.
  • Enter your information and set up an account.
  • Press the “Search” button.
  • Type the name of the Brahmastra movie here and click the search button.
  • Now, Here you’ll find a lot of channels about the Brahmastra movie.
  • Open any channel and click the button that says “Join channel.”

Group Chat Rules of Brahmastra Movies Telegram Group

You can join this group without following any rules. Just talk about things that are related and don’t use bad language. Here are some more facts about the movie.

Download Brahmastra Movie Telegram Dual Audio (Hindi-English) 720p in 1.5GB & 480p in 450MB & 1080p. This movie has two different languages and is available in 720p, 480p, and 1080p.

Full Name: Brahmastra
Released: 9 September 2022
Language: Dual Audio
Subtitles: On
Size: 350MB, 1GB & 2.5GB
Quality: 480p, 720p, 1080p, BluRay
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-FI, Fantasy
Runtime: 2h 47m
Format: Mkv

Brahmastra Movie Review

The journey to Brahmastra was arduous, convoluted, and utterly exhausting of patience. When rumours about Ayan Mukerji’s superhero fantasy epic first surfaced, I was in college (now, I’m virtually middle age). Consider all that has happened in the globe since the movie’s initial announcement if personal testimonies aren’t enough to convince you. Consider Brexit, #MeToo, Trump, Biden, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the Ukraine. Consider the damage caused by COVID-19. It would be a good idea for cultural historians to categorise our time as pre- and post-Brahmastra. Heck, before this sluggish creation could come into town, even the Queen had passed away.

Given that it is the first instalment of a trilogy, the movie starts out by laying out its basic premise clearly. It transports the audience back in antiquity and explains how sages meditated in the Himalayas in order to develop abilities based on the four elements of fire, wind, water, and earth as well as substances from plants and animals to make special weapons or astras.

These sages create a sort of universe called the “Brahmansh,” where they employ their newly acquired weapons to defend the world. One of the most potent asteroids ever produced comes from light, which is capable of eradicating the cosmos because to its immense force. Three sections of the Brahmastra that are currently in existence are each being guarded by a significant “Brahmansh” figure.

Shiva, a DJ in Mumbai, has done well for himself most of the time despite the odds. He meets Isha (Alia Bhatt), an orphan who has lived life on his own terms, at a Dushera Carnival and falls in love right away.

However, flashbacks or nightmares he experiences that force him to relive a horrifying history including the murder of his mother and the pursuit of prominent figures by one Junoon (Mouni Roy) and her soldiers in search of a broken piece of rock—a fragment of the Brahmastra—hinder his ability to find love.

Important members of society are being hunted, one of which is a scientist who loses his life defending a priceless relic or stone.

Despite having some famous names in pivotal roles, the movie is not performance-driven. In the movie, Amitabh Bachchan plays his typical patriarch role, while Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, who play the lead roles, have a sizzling chemistry that Mukerji underutilizes.

In actuality, the two actors have relatively little screen time. Anyone might have filled these roles; Ranbir or Alia were not necessary to move the story along. The only actress I found impressive was Mouni Roy in her role as the villainous Junoon, although the words really severely let her down. Over the course of the movie’s 166 minutes, keep an eye out for the intriguing cameos.

The film’s creators ask that you suspend your disbelief while you watch, and Mukerji’s vision comes to life thanks to the VFX. Because the filmmaker wanted the visual effects to look a certain way and the hard effort showed on screen, “Brahmastra” was repeatedly delayed.

Yes, the plot has many illogical moments, and this is hardly Mukerji’s strongest work. But given that Marvel has released a tonne of movies year after year, haven’t we been enjoying its flicks for years? Many MCU fans are currently experiencing tiredness due to the endless stand-alone movies and repeated stories. Perhaps as a result, the introduction of Ayan Mukerji’s Atra-verse in “Brahmastra” would satisfy the thirst of die-hard superhero fans.

Brahmastra Movie Telegram Link

My Opinion

An emotionally compelling story with believable characters is what separates outstanding from good. The writing is ultimately what holds the most fantastical universes produced by cinema’s greatest minds together, keeping everything else flawlessly glued in place.

Nothing can make up for Brahmastra’s emotional deficiencies, despite all of its advantages. The procedures would have been much more commendable if that had been given more consideration.


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